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Automated Discovery of Emerging Trends

What is Scraawl TrndZ®?

Automated Discovery of Emerging Trends

Scraawl TrndZ® allows users to create editable monitors to collect PAI data matching usernames, hashtags, and keywords. It uses big data architecture for real-time data collection, indexing and searching, stream processing, and visualization of posts.

What Can Scraawl TrndZ® Do For You?

Analyze Trends Over a Given Period of Time

Scraawl TrndZ® has a highly interactive dashboard for iterative exploration, information discovery, and visualization of raw and derived data. It has integrated OCR and translation for images, real-time data filtering and trend computation, and user-customizable visualizations.

Automated Discovery of Emerging Trends

Data collection in real time

Dynamic Dashboard

Display trends in activity for usernames, mentions, hashtags, URLs, languages, and locations


Compare activity across entity types or filter to analyze a particular time window

Discourse Analytics

Visualize how topics evolve and how an information network may be perturbed by information operations

Entity Details

Inspect and compare trending entities to see percent change, post count history, and recent posts

Raw Data

Real-time persistent filtering with Boolean logic and operators


Export data from TrndZ to SocL for deeper analysis

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