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Query & Rule limitations (DEPRECATED)

The Historic Search API does not currently support the following operators: klout_score followers_count friends_count statuses_count listed_count sample contains profile_region_contains profile_locality_contains bio_contains bio_location_contains place_contains bio_name_contains profile_subregion_contains: All is: and has: operators cannot be used as standalone operators and must be “ANDed” together in conjunction with another clause (e.g. @gnip has:links) url_contains* *DEPRECATED* Notes on url_contains in ...

GNIP Search Operators and Expressions Cheatsheet

Expression Explanation teacher Matches tweets containing the term “teacher” good teacher Matches tweets containing both “good” AND “teacher” good OR teacher Matches tweets containing either “good” OR “teacher” “good teacher” Matches tweets containing the exact phrase “good teacher” good –teacher Matches tweets containing “good”, but not “teacher” lang:en Matches tweets written in English from:peterpan […]
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