What is Scraawl TxT?What is Scraawl TxT?

An advanced social media and online data analytics tool
TxT is a search and analytics toolbox that leverages advanced machine learning techniques to facilitate knowledge discovery from unstructured text. TxT offers context-aware multi-source text information extraction and extends current search and analysis capabilities by enabling the exploration of large bodies of text. Analysts can quickly search and explore large volumes of unstructured text; identify the most relevant and valuable information; and discover and monitor interesting patterns of topics, opinions, and/or interactions.
TxT Analytics Dashboard Advanced

What Can Scraawl TxT Do For You?What Can Scraawl TxT Do For You?

Leverage natural language processing and graph analytics for data exploitation
TxT provides analysts with an interactive dashboard for scalable discovery from scattered, heterogeneous datasets (both structured and unstructured) such as news articles, reports, blogs, documents, comments, chat transcripts, SMS, and e-mail. With TxT users can perform multidimensional search for key actors, discover topics, events, and relationships of interest, topic clusters, and compare analysis results based on context variables such as time, authorships, sentiment, and source. With TxT, users can perform multidimensional search for key actors; discover topics, events, and relationships of interest; and compare analysis results based on context variables such as time, author, sentiment, or source.

Advanced Text AnalyticsAdvanced Text Analytics

All the analytics you'll ever need, at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere

Dynamic Dashboard

A web-based visualization and analytics dashboard for easy access anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Scalable Pipeline

A scalable data ingestion pipeline to index and store large volumes (terabytes) of content and scanned documents in multiple languages

Full Text Features

Advanced full-text search options in combination with rich Boolean logic and interactive filters to search and explore data

Named Entity Recognition and Resolution

Detection and resolution of named entities in the text, such as organizations, people, and locations

Topic Clusters

Common themes and topics of conversation across your repository of documents that can be used for filtering and analysis

Entity Relationship Graphs

Graphs to explore and search for relationships between entities within and across documents

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