Shop Local, Browse Global: How Social Media GeoData Can Drive Your Marketing Strategy

Shop Local, Browse Global: How Social Media GeoData Can Drive Your Marketing Strategy


In the vast landscape of the world wide web, what does the term “local” mean for businesses?

Despite its global reach, social media platforms can offer important local geodata for marketers looking to convert online views into in-store transactions. After all, while the percentage of e-commerce sales out of total retail sales is steadily growing, 94% of all sales are still done in-store.

Geotargeted ads are one way of targeting a local demographic, and we have seen a rise in this tactic. In fact, “geotargeted ads sales expected to rise from $12.4 billion in 2016 to $32.4 billion in 2021, says local marketing analyst BIA Kelsey.” Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are especially popular platforms to run geotargeted campaigns.

But to actually craft your marketing campaign before running the geotargeted ad takes a little bit of research. Find out how Scraawl can give insight into a targeted demographic, using social media to find patterns of interest and behavior.

Exploring location features 

Scraawl offers multiple features to capture what’s trending in a location. Here are a few of the ways to access geodata insights:

  1. Regions-Based Search For Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
    • Specify an area to search by placing concentric circles on a map. Scraawl will collect geo-coded posts in that area. If any of the collected posts have geo-profiled or geo-referenced information that will also be displayed in the results.
    • Twitter and YouTube region-based search can be found under Additional Search Options. Region-based searches can be paired with keywords.
    • When running an Instagram search, you must choose between keywords and regions.
  2. Top Locations
    • After running a search, across any data feed, Scraawl will also map the geo-coded, geo-referenced, and geo-profiled locations found in the collected post. This map can be found in Basic Statistics under Top Locations by drilling down into details.
    • With a Twitter search, the results can be filtered by geographic location. Draw a box around the desired data. In the upper-right corner of the map, choose “Keep ONLY matching regions.”
    • The location map can also be viewed as a heat map, accessible through the Advanced Analytics or by toggling to the heat map on the above Top Locations map. 

Why is this helpful?

All of these geography-based features in Scraawl are key to exploring what are the trending topics, communities, sentiment, and influencers in a given area. When crafting a campaign that will target consumers based on their location, it is helpful to know more about the online habits of those in said location.

Given also that geotargeted ads are run on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — it’s important to know how consumers behave differently per platform. With Scraawl, you can track peak posting hours in the area across different platforms, ensuring greater success for the visibility of your ads.

In short, “local” today can mean big business: if you’re willing to dive into social media geodata for yourself.

We invite you to learn more about Scraawl’s geo-data features! check out Scraawl for FREE here.

Photo credit to Moyan Brenn.

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