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Sidestepping Twitter, Tampa Bay Fitness Brands Go For The Jugular On Instagram.

In the gym, the saying goes “never skip leg day” and the same could be said about social media. Tampa Bay fitness brands are hulking out on Instagram, while approaching Twitter like a newbie the day after New Year’s. The American Council on Exercise reports that most brands set up social media accounts only to ...

Shop Local, Browse Global: How Social Media GeoData Can Drive Your Marketing Strategy

In the vast landscape of the world wide web, what does the term “local” mean for businesses? Despite its global reach, social media platforms can offer important local geodata for marketers looking to convert online views into in-store transactions. After all, while the percentage of e-commerce sales out of total retail sales is steadily growing, 94% […]

How Smart Marketers Are Preparing for 2017 with 21 Experts Tips

Content will always be the cornerstone of many online marketing strategies whether it’s search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, or paid advertising. None of these strategies will succeed without the development of quality content, which is why every business needs a content marketing plan. However, in 2016 only around 32 percent of marketers ...
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