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Scraawl is a product of Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI), a Rockville, Maryland-based technology innovation company. Our mission is to develop a comprehensive solution for brands to gain actionable insights by listening, searching, extracting, and analyzing social media conversations and large text corpuses. We have developed a set of advanced analytics that leverages the state-of-the-art in big-data, machine learning, natural language processing, and graph theory. Our business case centers on helping brands and agencies understand their global audience, manage customer experience, improve public relations, drive strategic growth, and develop new clients. With analytic capabilities across multiple languages, and its ability to execute on desktops, tablets or mobile devices, our goal is to provide all the analytics a user will ever need ─ at their fingertips, anytime, and anywhere. For more information on Scraawl, request a demo and to learn more about the wide range of advanced analytics offered in Scraawl’s professional, premium, or enterprise packages. You can also sign up for a free personal account and start exploring some of Scraawl’s basic search and analytics capabilities.

Query & Rule limitations (DEPRECATED)

The Historic Search API does not currently support the following operators: klout_score followers_count friends_count statuses_count listed_count sample contains profile_region_contains profile_locality_contains bio_contains bio_location_contains place_contains bio_name_contains profile_subregion_contains: All is: and has: operators cannot be used as standalone operators and must be “ANDed” together in conjunction with another clause (e.g. @gnip has:links) url_contains* *DEPRECATED* Notes on url_contains in ...

GNIP Search Operators and Expressions Cheatsheet

Expression Explanation teacher Matches tweets containing the term “teacher” good teacher Matches tweets containing both “good” AND “teacher” good OR teacher Matches tweets containing either “good” OR “teacher” “good teacher” Matches tweets containing the exact phrase “good teacher” good –teacher Matches tweets containing “good”, but not “teacher” lang:en Matches tweets written in English from:peterpan […]
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