Author: Regina Catipon

Regina works as the marketing specialist for Intelligent Automation, Inc. She is interested in data-driven product marketing and innovative spaces. She is a news junkie and Star Trek fan. She lives in Washington, D.C. and tweets from @RKCAT.

Do Social Media Sweepstakes Really Work?

It’s been said that the first promotional giveaway in the U.S. was a button commemorating George Washington’s election. Over 200 years later, amidst a technological revolution the likes of which the world has never seen before, the humble promotional contest has evolved to reflect the times. With multiple social platforms, there are now a plethora ...

The Numbers: Can this Man Get Enough Retweets For a Year Supply of Free Chicken Nuggets?

[UPDATE 5/9/17 – Carter Wilkerson has officially passed Ellen’s selfie record of 3.4 million retweets. For his efforts and for setting a new record, Wendy’s awarded him the prized nuggets.] .@carterjwm is now the most retweeted tweet of all-time. That’s good for the nuggets, and $100k to @DTFA. Consider it done. #nuggsforcarter […]
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