Author: Regina Catipon

Regina works as the marketing specialist for Intelligent Automation, Inc. She is interested in data-driven product marketing and innovative spaces. She is a news junkie and Star Trek fan. She lives in Washington, D.C. and tweets from @RKCAT.

How to Design Attractive Feature Images for Content Marketing and Social Media

Design is a huge component of digital marketing. For all the social platforms, emails, resources, and product guides —  marketers need strong images. If you’re a lucky marketer, you have a creative agency on the payroll that delivers high-resolution, sophisticated images for ad campaigns. If you’re on the scrappier side, there’s a good chance that ...

McDonald’s is Flipping its Arches for International Women’s Day. Here’s What Twitter Had to Say.

Wow, it is hard to be McDonald’s sometimes. Either you’re getting roasted by Wendy’s on #NationalFrozenFoodDay or you’re well-intentioned gesture for International Women’s Day receives mixed results. McDonalds announced it was going to turn it’s iconic golden arches upside to down, turning the M into a W, to commemorate International Women day. They shared this ...

Instagram Influencer Trends for 2018

2017 was the year that influencer marketing became an established fact. As the industry of influencers matures across platforms, from celebrity Youtubers to Instagram stars, marketers can expect majors in 2018. Read on to stay ahead of the coming trends in the new year. Higher risk of regulation from the government In the spring of 2017 ...
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