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The Latest Facebook Features and Innovations You Need to Know

facebook updates and features scraawl
Facebook marketplace, Facebook 360 Video, Social commerce with Messenger Group Payments, are just three of a multitude of product launches Facebook has announced as of late. Business owners utilizing Facebook as an integral part of their customer acquisition strategy almost need a dedicated Facebook manager just to keep up with the latest Facebook marketing tools ...

Improving Facebook Engagement: How to Get Likes, Shares, and Comments on Your Content

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Digital marketers all agree that Facebook is more important than ever. With nearly two billion active users, it's the largest repository of attention in the world. Many brands are dealing with decreased page reach and engagement. Facebook has reduced the organic reach of brands' content to encourage bigger ad buys. To make things worse, there's ...

What Does It Take to Build an Engaged Online Community? 5 Essential Tips for Brand Builders

community building
Whether I'm travelling for business or connecting with followers on social media, I get asked one question all the time. "How do I build a following for my business?" Let's stop right there. Are you really trying to build a following for your business or are you trying to build long-lasting relationships with potential customers? ...

Six Content Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The internet is driven by great content. On a daily basis, articles, videos, images, podcasts, and other content types are published for eager audiences looking for education and entertainment. Businesses have recognized this potential and numerous enterprises are producing their own niche content in a bid to cultivate large followings. In many cases, content […]
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