Tips & Tricks: Exporting Images from SocL to PixL

Tips & Tricks: Exporting Images from SocL to PixL

*This is another post in  aseries called Tips and Tricks. Each month we’ll post ways to improve your Scraawl workflow, how to use a feature, or a mini data analytics tutorial.  Enjoy!

Pro Tips & Tricks

Image processing has always been a part of Scraawl SocL but with PixL, visual analytics are even better. Here is how you can export images from SocL to PixL:

  1. In Scraawl SocL, run the Advanced Analytic called Media Gallery.
  2. Once run, click on the button Export to SocL.
  3. A popup will appear asking if you want to now view the report in PixL. Click on View Report in PixL.
  4. You will now see your SocL report in PixL.
  5. Browse through images in Media Player.
  6. Explore Analytics by clicking on the Analytics tab. Some analytics like Face Detection and Object Detection are automtically run.

Happy Scraawling!

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