A Retrospective of 2018 and Where We're Going in 2019

A Retrospective of 2018 and Where We're Going in 2019

Happy new Year from the Scraawl team! As we pass through the month of January, we would like to take a moment to pause and reflect on 2018. We’d also like to look ahead in 2019 and the exciting new features that are on their way.
2018 started off with a bang for the social media data analytics industry.


Changes in social media APIs

In the beginning of 2018, social media platforms experienced a tectonic shift. With the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook changed their Public APIs. Instagram, owned by Facebook, soon followed. Twitter also began to pull access from third party APIs and scale back their Firehose access.
While social platforms had to contend with bot infestations and data privacy concerns, many martech companies were left to catch up. We outlined the changes further in our blog, Social Media APIs are Changing Left and Right:

For Scraawl, that meant a few tweaks to our sources. Facebook, for example, updated their API so that users can only search for public pages.
On top of the social media changes, the Scraawl team also continued to develop upgrades and updates to our advanced analytics, including Bot Detection.


Bot detection upgrades

Demand for the Bot Detection grew exponentially in 2018. Whether it was from companies taking their marketing endeavors in-house or due to influencers hoping to prove their return on investment, it seemed that everyone in the marketing industry wanted greater transparency of their social media impact.
The clamor for transparency only grew with the major shake ups in the influencer community. There was brand safety snafu that occurred within the YouTube beauty community. As well, as predictions that influencer marketing was over from one of Instagram’s biggest “stars.
Many marketing experts predicted doom and gloom but instead the influencer industry continues to grow. With its growth, AI and machine learning-based technologies are making it easier to discover bots and bot networks in social platforms.
In response to concerns around brand safety and bots, our team upgraded our Bot Detection analytic. This analytic now has the ability to whitelist and blacklists accounts increasing the accuracy of the analytic and creating a more efficient human-machine feedback cycle.
You can read all about in Discovering Cryptocurrency Scams on Twitter.
In addition to the ever present need for social network authenticity audits, the field of AI and Martech have also shifted to include more data sources. The Scraawl team anticipated the need for multi-source data analytics and worked to develop two new products.


Introduction of Scraawl as family

In 2018, Scraawl underwent a brand pivot and introduced the concept of Scraawl as a family of products. Scraawl SocL, PixL, and TxT were introduced to the world.
Scraawl’s social media analytics will be called SocL. All of the same analytics you know and love will remain, with one new upcoming feature.

scraawl pixl phone desktop

In order to integrate the new tools together, SocL will offer an export images to PixL option. PixL is a video and image data analytics tool that we will be releasing very soon.
The use cases for PixL are wide ranging. For example, drone footage of search and rescue operations can be used to distinguish between stranded civilian and overturned car. There are also potential marketing use cases with logo detection in videos and images. PixL will be widely available very soon, if interested in learning more, contact us at contact@scraawl.com.
In addition to PixL, we will also release a new unstructured text analytics tool called TxT. The tool will have the ability to ingest multiple forms of text data including emails, documents, sms, and more!
Not only will TxT have the ability to ingest documents, it will also offer advanced entity extraction and relationship mapping. For more information on TxT, feel free to peruse the updated website.

Where we’re going

In 2019 we expect to see a variety of updates across the tool. Here are just a few updates coming your way:

  • PixL – image and video data analytics tool to be released in late winter 2019
  • TxT – unstructured text analytics tool to be released in spring/summer 2019
  • Continued UX and UI improvements – We believe in data, which also means we take user feedback seriously for our tool. We’re going to improve Facebook search workflows and improve export capabilities.
  • More tutorials, more learning content – Scraawl can seem like a lot to learn at once. It’s a powerful and heavily-engineered tool and has the largest suite of data analytics on the market. In 2018, expect to see more support resources from videos to blogs, to help you master workflows within the tool.
  • New machine learning technologies – Did we mention that our parent company is a tech research and development firm? All of our best scientists and developers are currently investigating new approaches to AI and big data.

There are exciting times ahead!  Watch this space for further details and releases in the future. In the meantime Happy Scraawling from the team!

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