S-Box Unleashed: Scraawl-in-a-box On-Premise Install

S-Box Unleashed: Scraawl-in-a-box On-Premise Install

We’ve been teasing this for months and months. Now it’s finally here! Scraawl-in-a-box, also known as S-box, is now available as an on-premise install.

The appliance version of Scraawl will have the same analytics and features as the browser application. Like the web app, Scraawl-in-a-box has the ability to ingest and analyze proprietary social media data and other unstructured data sets. For organizations and agencies that have existing data sets to analyze or want to store data analyses and results on in-house servers for privacy or security reasons, Scraawl-in-a-box is an ideal solution.

For those that are familiar with the Scraawl interface, there will be no discernible difference between the Scraaw-in-a-box install and the web app in terms of the search interface Basic Statistics, Advanced Analytics, and Raw Data access.

Scraawl-in–a-box services will include installation, maintenance, and upgrades.


Scraawl’s team of cloud engineers and computer scientist can handle all hardware and software installs. Running on Ubuntu 16.04 OS, Scraawl-in-a-box can handle up to 1 TB of data (depending on the type of data). And with Scraawl, we always guarantee a secure and safe install.


The Scraawl team will also regularly maintain the software and hardware. There are two nodes in Scraawl-in-a-box, one for computing and one for storage. Both nodes will receive support. In fact, with the purchase of Scraawl-in-a-box, you gain access to full customer and technical support on email, phone, and WebEx at any time.


Your Scraawl-in-a-box install will have access to all software upgrades and major releases. We’re working constantly to improve Scraawl and that includes all installations of Scraawl.

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This is an exciting step forward for Scraawl- unleashing the power of analytics and making it available on your cloud.

Pricing for Scraawl-in-a-box is available upon request. Contact us for more information.


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