Tip & Trick: Use Any of Scraawl’s Analytics as a Filter

Tip & Trick: Use Any of Scraawl’s Analytics as a Filter

*This is the first in a new series called Tips and Tricks. Each month we’ll post ways to improve your Scraawl workflow, how to use a feature, or a mini data analytics tutorial.  Enjoy!

There are infinite possibilities, but here are two common workflows:

Filter by Basic Statistics

  1. Click on an entity in any of the Top lists (e.g., Top Hashtag or Top Retweet)
  2. On the summary page, click the View All button at the top of the Recent Posts display. This will take you to Raw Data.
  3. Scraawl filters the Raw Data according to your prior selection and gives you the option to Keep or Exclude the posts.
  4. Return to any of the Basic Statistics or Advanced Analytics and update them to reflect the filtering.


Combine Advanced Analytics

  1. Run an Advanced Analytic and follow the same steps as above. E.g., Run Community Detection, select the largest community, and then click the View All
  2. Keep ONLY matching to filter by the analytic, e.g., Community 1.
  3. Select another analytic and update it, e.g., Run Influence Discovery to find the most influential user in the community.
  4. Use Undo All Edits in the Actions menu to remove all filters and return to the full data set.
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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