How to Increase Fan Engagement on Instagram

How to Increase Fan Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful platform for conveying your brand’s message to the world. It’s not enough to post content and hope people see it. You need to get engaged with your fans, turning routine interactions into meaningful conversations.

Fan engagement is one of the best aspects of Instagram. If your content strategy is on point, you’ll garner many comments from fans. You can learn about your audience and show them that you care about their opinions.


Your Target Market


If you want more engagement, narrow your focus. It’s a seemingly paradoxical truth that the smaller your niche is, the more people you will appeal to.

After all, the internet is a crowded place. There are many content creators out there, each one hoping to build an audience. By choosing a specific topic to focus on, you position yourself to cut through the noise.


Consider a clothing brand that wants to talk about their products. If they post about a wide variety of clothing, with no target for gender, price range, or style, few people will remember the brand. There are too many competitors, so the vague content doesn’t resonate with anybody.

On the other hand, if they target a very specific niche like “Affordable summer clothing for hip young women,” they’ll generate a lot more attention. Everybody in the target market will realize that the brand is perfect for them. Fans are incentivized to keep up with the brand’s content because it is so relevant to their interests.

Don’t be vague. Understand your target market and crush the niche that they’re paying attention to.


Be Valuable


Many brands make the mistake of being selfish. They want to get more followers, more engagement, and ultimately more profit. This selfishness oozes into their content, putting off potential fans.

Your job is to create value for your audience. Whenever your brand posts an image or a video, it should be designed to give the fans something valuable. Teach them, entertain them, and inspire them. If you do this on a regular basis, it’ll be a piece of cake to get some value for yourself in the form of engagement.


Be Consistent


Studies have shown that there’s no perfect formula for how often to post on Instagram. Some successful brands post once a day, others post every few hours.

What does matter is consistency. Whatever your schedule is, stick to it. The more consistent you are, the more engagement you will get. This is a result of fans knowing what to expect, and therefore having an easier time finding your content.

If you aren’t sure how frequently to post, aim for once per day. That’s the easiest content frequency that seems to work well.


High Quality Imagery


You want your photos and videos to be at the highest possible quality. However, don’t let this overshadow the other ways you can provide value to your fans.

In other words, if you have to choose between high fidelity and consistent scheduling, go for consistency. If you can provide massive value to your fans at the cost of lower quality images, that’s okay.

People will appreciate great imagery, but it is the icing on top of the cake. The most important thing is to be focused, consistent, and valuable. Don’t stress too much about your image quality until your fundamentals are taken care of. At that point, boost your quality to get even better results.


Calls to Action


You can use calls to action to drive engagement. This only works after you have a consistent content strategy and are successfully connecting with your niche.

Once you pick up your first few fans, gently suggest ways for them to help you out. For example, you can caption a few images with “what do you think?” or “leave a comment if you love this” to nudge people towards engaging with you.

Don’t be obnoxious. You should only use calls to action in 20% of your total content. Focus on providing value most of the time. Your Instagram strategy is an investment, and you shouldn’t cash it out too often.


What Goes Around Comes Around


Over time you’ll have more and more conversations with your fans, learning what they like and dislike about your brand. You can become even more finely tuned to your audience’s desires, helping you create even more valuable content. This is a virtuous upward cycle.

Never take your fan base for granted. They are the reason your brand can succeed, so respect them like crazy. If you are generous enough, the goodness you’re putting out will come back to you. You’ll have a highly engaged fan base that loves to engage with your Instagram posts.

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    Instagram is fastest growing social media platform nowadays. We can also promote our business on Instagram. But it does effectively when we have a large number of followers in profile. I have a startup business and I am facing the same problem on Instagram. So now after reading this post I will start to utilize these tricks to increase followers in my Instagram profile..!!
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      That's great, Kathy! Good luck with your Instagram growth!
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    Thanks for a great article, Adel! I think that your tips are very useful for business development with Instagram. I would like to add that to focus on the target audience, you should understand their interests and needs. I've tried to find any tools to monitor users on Instagram but useless. There weren't any. And recently I've found platform that helps to track users' actions on Instagram. I think it should be interesting for brands that want to grow their audience on Instagram.
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      Thanks so much for you comment, Troy! Have you tried Scraawl to monitor users on Instagram? We offer monitoring and user analysis, like influence and community detection. Cheers!

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