Stop Being a Social Media Strumpet – Master the Maze of Mindsets First

Stop Being a Social Media Strumpet – Master the Maze of Mindsets First


When you get invited to a party, do you first ask who else is attending, what the appropriate dress code is, or why the party is being hosted in the first place? The same theory applies to social media platforms. Brands cannot jump onto every social networking platform at their disposal and hope the same actions will resonate on all platforms.


You wouldn’t show up to a black tie corporate event wearing the same Bermuda shorts and tank top you wore to a summer barbecue. You shouldn’t attempt to build your brand’s reputation on LinkedIn Pulse with the same type of posts you use on Facebook. Each social networking site is completely different, as are the consumers who use each site. It is only through understanding the mindset of users on social media sites that you should be making a concerted effort to engage.


Here is a great infographic study done by LinkedIn about the different mindsets when using social vs professional social media platforms and how emotions differ dramatically in both:




Too many brands create profiles on all the popular social networking sites and then think all they need to do is cross-post the same content across multiple platforms. Not only does this not work, it shows a complete disregard for the very consumers you hope to engage. A Pinterest user is likely different from a Quora user. A Facebook user might have a completely different mindset towards social networking than a Snapchat or a WhatsApp user. Failing to do your due diligence prior to connecting with consumers on each social media platform can mean you are significantly reducing your marketing ROI.



Taking the time to study and understand the mindset of audiences on each social networking site not only increases your customer acquisition opportunities, it helps you create and share the appropriate content too. You are able to better establish the right tone of voice for your brand and engage in appropriate advertising campaigns better suited to each target audience. When you take the time to dig into the power of each social media platform, you are better able to leverage specific networks to achieve your marketing goals.


There are existing ecosystems in each social platform. For example, Instagram users may be using multiple hashtags but if you do the same on Twitter and Facebook, people may consider you as a spammer.


Always take the initiative to create a single brand message while following the unspoken rules of different social platforms.


We live in an extremely noisy and busy digital world. We live life through our mobile phones and the content we consume. If you look at the figures provided by DOMO it is absolutely mind boggling just how much is happening in a minute of every day – even more reason why you HAVE TO understand the mindset of your audience on the platform they are using!





Brands are challenged to break through How do I maintain RELEVANCE and RESONANCE at the pace of culture? How do I EXCITE potential customers in the era of distraction? How do I ENGAGE and BOND with customers spoiled for choice and holding little loyalty?


  1.  Move from marketing mindset to publisher mindset.
  2. Transform superficial content to great stories and experiences.
  3. Shift from aimless connections to meaningful conversations.


Social networking platform analysis needn’t feel like you’re conducting scientific research. Through sentiment analysis, audience analytics, and an understanding of content priorities, you can use each social media platform to its full benefit. Are you ready to dive into social media platform analysis to increase your company’s marketing return on investment?


Sign up for a Scraawl account and start analyzing today. 


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