Updates & Upgrades: What We’ve Been Working On

Updates & Upgrades: What We’ve Been Working On

In the past four months, Scraawl has gone through enormous changes, some more noticeable than others. Recent product development sprints have completed updates to the frontend and backend, including improvements to the UI, Solr indexing, data sources, and more.

So let’s catch up! It’s been a while since our post on what’s coming in 2017 and we’ve  checked off quite a few boxes since then. Expect to see these features in your current Scraawl account or in the near future.

Facebook as a data source

It’s here! The largest social media network in the world is now available as a data source in Scraawl. Users will now see the option to pick Facebook for Premium, Basic, and Brand Monitoring searches. We covered this new feature in a previous blog, explaining the nuances of Facebook as a data source and how to incorporate it into user workflows.

How to Use Facebook Search on Scraawl

Worth noting, Facebook Brand Monitoring searches on Scraawl allow users to analyze up to five brands/public pages at a single time. This feature has proven useful to users who want to compare social media engagement quickly.

Facebook is still a beta release so we encourage any feedback that users may have.

Full archive access to Twitter

Earlier this year, we rolled out full historic GNIP Firehose access, so users can now collect tweets from all the way back to the inception of Twitter in 2006. 

Improved RSS news feeds

Scraawl’s scraped repository of articles from RSS news feeds continues to grow in number of sources and in accuracy. Thanks to natural language processing, both the headline and body of article text are now indexed, stored in Scraawl’s databases, and searchable.

Brand refresh

A few months ago, we overhauled Scraawl’s entire website. As Scraawl’s audience continues to grow, we needed a site that was brighter, more welcoming, and easier for new users to access. This website redesign also includes more content and more resources for those interested in big data, analytics and social media marketing.

And in line with our brand refresh, we also opened up new channels of communication between our brand and our user base.

Ways to connect

Amidst this flurry of changes, you may not have noticed a few changes to our blog sidebar. If you take a peek now, you’ll see that Scraawl is now on LinkedIn and has an email newsletter!

As a data analytics tool used by online businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing agencies, it makes sense that we’re now accessible on LinkedIn. Check out the new showcase page here and follow us for important updates.

In April, we also unveiled our new monthly email digest. Sign up below for Scraawl news, tips & tricks, and latest blogs. 

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Don’t worry, we never ever spam our listserv and we only email once a month.

New tiered pricing options

Scraawl has dramatically lowered its monthly license cost, reflective of a growing user base. These pricing plans provide further flexibility and a variety of options to fit every need. Become acquainted with these new pricing options here.

Still tinkering away

Some features that we have in the pipeline are:

  • Exporting Brand Monitoring results as PDF reports.
  • Multi-feed search
  • Scraawl-in-a-box, an on premise hardware install of Scraawl’s advanced analytics. You can read more about that here.

Scraawl has definitely come a long way, but there’s so much ahead. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch through our contact page!

 Sign up for your free Scraawl account HERE.

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