Inside the 2017 Grammys: Who Should Have Won According to Social Media

Inside the 2017 Grammys: Who Should Have Won According to Social Media

Each year, the Grammys are perhaps just as known for the anger they inspire online in fans who saw their favorite musical artist slighted, as the award show is known for actual musical performances.

In that vein, we ran a Scraawl report on the award show with the hopes of parsing through the Internet’s response to the 2017 Grammy Awards, using social media interactions and engagements as data points in our analysis.



Who had the most tweets?

One way of measuring online support for artists is by examining the volume of tweets. We looked at Twitter during the Grammys, restricting the time window to 8:00pm to 11:30pm EST, and individually searched the names of the following artists to see how many tweets were generated about each:

  • Lady Gaga – 231,374 tweets
  • Beyonce – 1,454,187 tweets
  • Adele – 819,124 tweets
  • Bruno Mars – 263,809 tweets
  • Chance the Rapper – 218,834 tweets

The top two artists were definitely Adele and Beyonce, outstripping the rest by thousands of tweets.


What name came up the most with the term “should have won?”

There are, of course, other ways of using social media data to define online support. We found that “Beyonce” was the most tweeted word in conjunction with the search phrase “should have won” or “should’ve won.” I mean, even Adele said Beyonce should have won Artist of the Year in the top tweeted URL, an article by the Huffington Post.



Out of the about 9,000 tweets collected from the search, over 4,000 had the word “Beyonce” — making up 46% of the collected tweets. In fact, Beyonce’s album Lemonade was a top hashtag, the top mention was by @deray (Deray Mckesson) who tweeted about how Beyonce should have won, and the aforementioned top URL was the Huffington Post article mentioning how Adele thought how Beyonce should have won.


Whose image did the best on Instagram?

We also looked at the Grammys official Instagram account to see which artist got the most likes on a photo. We ran a Scraawl Brand Monitoring on the account and then took a look at the media gallery, which lists images in descending order of most likes. The winner:


Adele’s photo had almost 46,000 likes on Instagram and she had the second most liked photo on the account. After Adele, the runner-ups in order were Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce. The full gallery can be seen here:



Who was the real winner of the 2017 Grammys?

The clear winner on Twitter was Beyonce but on according to the engagement on the Recording Academy’s Instagram, the winner on their account looks like Adele. In either case, the support for both of these artists has been tremendous, with many applauding Adele for her recognition of Beyonce in her acceptance speech.

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