Golden Globes Fun, Tumblr Love, and Why Gifs are Great

Golden Globes Fun, Tumblr Love, and Why Gifs are Great

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If your event isn’t turned into a gif on Tumblr, did it even happen?!

These are the modern-day questions we have to ask ourselves as digital marketing evolves into content creation and curation. One of the oft-overlooked social media platforms in the content process is Tumblr, but with its highly visual layouts and passionate “fandoms,” it would be a mistake to think of it simply as the online diary of pre-teens.

Take the Golden Globes for example– let’s see how the award show fared on Tumblr.

The Golden Globes on Tumblr

The one caveat with Tumblr can be its sheer amount of visual content to parse through. Scraawl makes it easier with a media gallery and a dashboard of basic statistics, such as the one shown here. I ran a recent search using Tumblr as a data source with the search term “Golden Globes”and a 1,000 post limit with these results: 

golden globe data analytics

In order to identify the top gifs on Tumblr, my attention then focused on the popular media from the Golden Globes.

The Top Gifs 

Gifs, in particular, are useful because they can have a longer shelf life compared to written content. They are easy to share, capture a memorable moment, express an emotion quickly, and do not take up much memory.

From the media gallery, these were the top gifs from the Golden Globes on Tumblr:


priyanka-chopra and jeffrey-dean-morgan

Priyanka Chopra and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the red carpet looking beautiful.


La La Land was a big hit this year but Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are big hits on Tumblr every year.


And the winner is, Diego Luna just saying hello.

Your Content + Gifs

Why do gifs from Tumblr truly matter? They matter if you want to have competitive content  that can keep the audiences’ attention.

Gifs can be the added visual interest in an email newsletter. They can be instructive in user guides, to explain functionality in your UI. They can also add personality to your social media accounts. In short, gifs are the eye-catching images needed to make your content stand out and Tumblr is one of the best ways to discover them.

But a word of caution, like Tumblr, gifs are often perceived as more informal. Consider your brand’s unique voice, are you a more serious or a mature brand, before adding a gif to your content.


If you would like to explore gifs on social media for yourself, sign up for your free Scraawl account to get started!




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