The Top 5 Scraawl Features Coming In 2017

The Top 5 Scraawl Features Coming In 2017

In 2016 big data became a fact of life. Once a trendy buzzword mentioned but not quite understood, insights from data analytics now drive most, if not all, major industries.

The Scraawl team is constantly working to improve the product so that customers can have access to the most comprehensive and accurate social media analytics. 2017 will be no exception as the Scraawl team iterates intelligently, expanding available features, services, and pricing options.

Here are the top 5 features to expect from Scraawl in the new year:

1. Improved Data Sources

Scraawl, as it stands today, offers a plethora of sources from which to pull data including Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and RSS News Feeds.

Improvements to Scraawl’s data sources in 2017 will include:

  • Historic search of Twitter’s firehose dating all the way back to 2006
  • Addition of new feeds including Facebook, Reddit, WordPress, and Blogger. Expect similar advanced analytics with geospatial, text, image, and network analysis
  • Multi-feed searches (search across multiple data sources at the same time)


2. Bigger Data, Faster Processing

2017 will bring near real-time analytics on reports with hundreds of millions of posts. These analytics will include new machine learning-based analytics on large graphs and text corpuses.

Scraawl will also be enhancing its RSS News Feed searches by:

  • More than doubling the list of searchable news sources and news organizations
  • Adding the ability to search and analyze the body text of articles (rather than just titles) which will improve the performance of topic modeling


3. New Ways to Share

In 2017, Scraawl will offer automated report generation with analytical insights. Users will be able to export (as a sharable pdf) a comprehensive summary of the basic statistics and advanced analytics for a Scraawl report.


4. New Services

Scraawl–in- a–box will be introduced in 2017! This appliance version of Scraawl can be installed on premise with capabilities to ingest and analyze proprietary social media data and other unstructured data sets.

This is especially good news for organizations and agencies that have existing data sets to analyze or want to store data analyses and results on in-house servers for privacy or security reasons.

This is an exciting step forward for Scraawl, unleashing the power of actionable insights from analytics and making it available on your cloud.

Scraawl-in–a-box services will include installation, maintenance, and upgrades.


5. New Pricing Options

With the introduction of these new features, Scraawl will also unveil new pricing options to accommodate a wider range of needs.

Plans will include:

  • A personal version of Scraawl that allows users to choose a limit on keywords per search or on the number of posts collected per search
  • An event package that collects posts associated with a scheduled event and allows access to analytics for a limited time period


Looking Forward

With new services, features, and pricing options, 2017 is going to be big for Scraawl.

Get a head start today by exploring Scraawl’s integrated social media analytics for free.

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