Understanding Instagram Brand Monitoring Using Scraawl

Understanding Instagram Brand Monitoring Using Scraawl


We continue highlighting Scraawl’s Instagram capabilities with an exploration of its Brand Monitoring function and how it can identify key influencers in an industry. 

There are, of course, multiple ways to approach a problem in data analytics. Take, for example, the following case study on influencers on Instagram.

We want to monitor brand influencers in “Tech” on the social media platform and we want to know if these Instagram techies have any overlapping keywords.

Let’s say we pick five accounts that have already shown some promise as potential influencers in the tech field: @isocialfanz, @detroitborg, @jaimierivera, @CarlosGil83, @austinnotduncan.

(Stay tuned for a following article this week on these Instagram influencers!)

By running a brand monitoring search on all the accounts together,  Scraawl will aggregate the top words, places, entities, and etc. associated with these Instagram accounts.


For this exercise, we placed a 400 post limit for all five accounts combined. As a result, Scraawl retrieved equal numbers of posts from each user. In most cases, teh number of posts per user will not be the same and Scraawl will list them in order of post numbers.

Seen below are the results for Top Users, Top Words, Top Tags, and Top Places in addition to the Popular Media image gallery. Also not pictured is a timeline that displays the number of posts over the search’s time parameters and quota limits.


We can also drill down to see the individual user’s contnet by clicking on a name under Top Users.

I picked @austinnotduncan as an example. By doing so, we see this user’s full User Profile that includes recent posts, an overview of what’s In This Report, and Top Named Entities– a helpful tip when learning more about a potential influencer.


Now that we know how to get greater visibility into the users, we would like to get a sense of what are the most popular tags for these users AND if they have any overlap between them.


Enter the useful tool of Social Graph, found under the Advanced Analytics tab.

When we run this tool, we see a visualization that demonstrates the connections between these Instagram accounts in the posts collected.  (Users are connected if they mention each other or share each other’s content, and users are connected to a tag if they use it in their posts.)

Here is one part of the social graph that shows both tags and users found in the original search results. Move the results around by clicking and dragging the nodes.


We are specifically interested in any common tags for these users, in order  to better understand their shared characteristics as influencers. By going to the drop down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the Social Graph visualization, pick Top Tags.


From here, looking at the overview of these collected users, we can infer what are the top tag keywords with which they are associated. These tags are:

  • beauty
  • galaxynote7
  • socialmedia
  • iphone7plus
  • newyork
  • realtalk
  • speakerlife
  • outandabout


Interestingly, we see a mix of lifestyle tags (e.g. “travel,” “speakerlife,” etc.) and actual tech devices (e.g. “galaxynote7,” “socialmedia,” “iphone7plus,” etc.). These commonalities between Instagram tech influencers makes us wonder if successful brand influencers not only talk about innovative products but also share aspects of their lives for their followers.

What do you think?

We invite you to continue exploring by signing up for a free Scraawl account.

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