World Series Game 1

World Series Game 1

worldseries2015The World Series between the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals kicked off on Tuesday with a dramatic 14 inning 5-4 win by Kansas City.  Using Scraawl, we took a look at all the tweets between 4pm EST on October 28, 2015 and 4AM EST on October 29, 2015 mentioning @royals (and not @mets) and those tweets, during the same time period, mentioning @mets (and not @royals). In today’s post, we demonstrate how Scraawl can be used to analyze a major event from two different perspectives.

Total Tweets

Our @royals report includes 60,123 tweets and our @mets report includes 48,250 tweets. In addition to the most overall tweets, the @royals also had the single biggest surge in tweets corresponding with winning the game in the 14th inning. The @royals report also had corresponding surges in tweets for each time they scored during the game.

@royals Tweets

In the @mets report, they recorded the second highest overall surge in tweets when the originally took the lead of the game in the 5th inning.  As with the @royals report, there were corresponding surges in tweets for each score. However, with the @mets losing a heartbreaker, the tweets faded at the end.

@mets Tweets


Not surprisingly, the top two locations for @royals tweets were Kansas City, MO and neighboring Overland Park, KS. While the top two locations for @mets tweets were Queens, NY and Manhattan, NY.

World Series Game 1 Tweet Locations


The top influential users and hashtags from the 60,123 @royals tweets are shown below.

@royals Influencers

In contrast, the top influential users and hashtags from the 48,250 @mets tweets are shown below.

@mets Influencers

Comparing influential hashtags, the @mets top hashtag was their #lgm followed by the generic #worldseries while the @royals top hashtag was #worldseries followed by their #takethecrown.   The only other common top influential hashtag was #nymvskc.  Looking at influential users, @tacobell’s steal a breakfast promotion was very successful with @tacobell as a top influencer for both groups.  The top celebrity influencers for each group were @dalejr for @royals and @jimmykimmel for @mets. While both groups had @mlb as an influencer, @mlb was a much higher influencer for @royals.  @cbssportsmlb was also a top influencer for @royals, but not @mets and @foxsports was a top influencer for @mets, but not @royals.  The remaining influencers were generally team personnel or their affiliates.


Scraawl was also used to analyze the main topics for each of these groups. Given the success of the Taco Bell promotion and the fact that Kansas City stole a base in Game delivering on the promotion, the main topic for the @royals tweets related to winning free breakfast. The secondary theme related to winning the game.

@royals Topics

In contrast, the game was the primary topic for the @mets tweets with specific players (e.g. d’Arnaud the Mats catcher and Bartolo Colon the losing pitcher for the Mets).

@mets Topics


Finally, we’ll take a quick look at the different communities around the @royals and @mets tweets.  There were more, slightly smaller, communities in the @royals tweets (616 communities with 66 average members) compared to @mets tweets (349 communities with 86 average members).  The only mostly common community between both groups included #worldseries and @mlbonfox. The largest community for both groups included @tacobell.

@royals Top Communities
@mets Communities


Ready to try it for yourself? Analyze any event, brand, influencer, community, etc on Twitter or Instagram and see what you can discover when you sign up for a free Scraawl account! Also, if you are interested in specific access to the World Series Twitter data from Game 1 or any of the World Series games, contact us.

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