A Day of the Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference

A Day of the Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference

The second annual Health IT Marketing & PR Conference (#HITMC) began yesterday (May 7th) and runs through today (May 8th) in Las Vegas, NV. This two day event is focused on teaching some of the latest trends, techniques, and tools for social media marketing.  As Scraawl is a powerful new social media analytics tool that can benefit this community, today’s post looks at the 1,006 #HITMC tweets from Day 1 (May 7th).

#HITMC Day 1 included 1,006 tweets between 7:58AM and 9:48PM EST.  The basic “Top 5s” are shown below including users, hashtags, mentions, and retweets.

Within social media analytics, there are a lot of tools that give you a high level perspective.  However, often the key to really understanding your audience and developing messaging that resonates requires more in depth analysis.  Scraawl enables this in depth analysis, with visibility down to raw tweets, while maintaining a very easy to use interface. To see for yourself, sign up for Scraawl, for free, here.  Once you sign up, you can run your own searches or explore public Scraawl reports, such as today’s for #HITMC or other subjects (e.g. #HIMSS15).

Moving beyond the “Top 5s,” let’s first take a deeper dive at some “Top 50s.”  First up, the “May 7th HITMC Top 50 Users.”  These “Top 50 Users” accounted for 841 of the 1,006 #HITMC tweets on Day 1. The top users drive the conversation.

The “May 7th #HITMC Top 50 Mentions” are shown below.  Mentions are an indicator of users who are a key part of the conversation within the #HITMC community.

If the top users drive the conversation, and the top mentions are in the conversation, then the top retweets are a large part of the conversation.  The “May 7th #HITMC Top 50 Retweets” are shown below.

Sentiment is a key metric to understand the tone of the conversation. At 82%, #HITMC was very positive throughout the day (although it dropped a little around lunch time).  The #HITMC sentiment is shown in the figure below along with some of the “Top Positive and “Top Negative” tweets.

Shared images help you to “see” the conversation. The #HITMC Day 1 social media experience was captured and shared in 102 images. Some of the top images are shown below with contributions by users such as @drnic1, @colin_hung, and @stacygoebel.

Influencers help you understand the direction of the conversation (i.e. who are the leaders and who are the followers).  Not surprisingly, the leading influencers (e.g. @drnic1, @colin_hung, @amberglende, etc) were speakers at #HITMC.

Looking at communities helps you to understand and identify the relationships between the users and hashtags in the conversation. From the 1,006 Day 1 #HITMC tweets, Scraawl’s “Community Detection” identified 10 communities as shown below.

Investigating a little deeper, visualizations of 4 top communities are shown below.

Finally, topics are a way to summarize the conversation.  Scraawl’s “Topic Modeling” tries to discover patters of word use within and across tweets.  The topics from #HITMC Day 1 suggest that a key takeaway from the conversation was that “social” “marketing” “takes” “great” “content.”

Remember, full access to the #HITMC public report can be found here.  Access to advanced analytics requires signing up for Scraawl. If you are interested in the #HITMC data for your own analysis or have any questions about Scraawl, please contact us.

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